Death threats and insults to CHIEF EDITOR EAN IN EUROPE

Today, the German Internet is discussing a statement of his government on the need to brought into the country of immigrants from all the hot spots of the planet. Today, in the territory of Germany is home to hundreds of refugees with a criminal past from Azerbaijan: These people arrive in Germany he hides his past and begins to deceive the German authorities. However, some German citizens still do not realize what their will is what is happening in the country.

All this is  provocateurs. These are the people that special launch offensive derogatory information fake in social networks, Internet
Who  they are.

1.Riyad Aliyev

According to information, 40-year-old Riyadh Aliyev is accused of fraud


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Riyad Aliyev who  living in Germany as a refuge from Azerbaycan country, according to available this has not yet received the official status of a refugee from the German authorities
We hope the German authorities and the Migration Service will take note of this information in his case.


Riyadh Aliyev – a crook with criminal past. Served Aliyev regime. In order to obtain the status of refugee by the German authorities, he deceived the German authorities

Riyadh Aliyev   Register themselves in  wordpress and hundreds of fake facebook page.

Riyadh Aliyev was no engaged never public political activities in Azerbaycan  but he wants to bury himself in the German authorities as a political person.

One of its comments on facebook Riyadh Aliyev openly threatened the chief editor of EAN

in fact

img_2597 (1).jpg

He hat  extends their blogs only offensive materials
Pretender called himself the deputy chairman of the European Azerbaijan Society.

Officially declare that AAMBŞ /European Azerbaijan Society  organization in Europe not registration .Organisation European Azerbaijan / aambs / was registration  2013  created, but all the members of these organizations have given resignation 2013

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2 False Chairman banned organization in Switzerland / AAMBS / on behalf Gabil Rzayev from Azerbaycan . Resides: the city of Basel in Switzerland as a political migrant .

Gabil Rzayev publicly been supporting the ideology of the terrorist organization Al Nusra and islamik propoganda


In fact, Gabil Rzsyev is engaged in illegal immigration and extortion.

The close relatives Gabil Rzayev, who committed a terrorist attack in Ankara last year, terrorist N1- Ulker Mammedova according Gabila is composed terorist group Al-Nusra Syria teratorii



Very close relative Gabil Rzayev on behalf Ulker Mammadov declared a terrorist by the authorities of Turkey and declared wanted on terror  akt committed in Ankara in October 2015
Despite the fact that the Turkish authorities wanted  terorist N1 Ulker Mammadova, her uncle Gabil Rzayev in an interview to the Turkish website he said that he knows the whereabouts of their relatives,they serve in the Al Nusra in Syria-

Very interesting
how  Gabil  got  such information???


Recently Gabil Rzayev has sent offensive message with his e-mail and death threats to chefeditor Fuad Agayev 19.12.16 um 06.29

as you can see, he openly threatened with death

The reason for checks  Switzerland Polis

That this is not the first case  Gabil Rzayev. It turned out that he was in Switzerland engaged in slander, threats, wrote denunciations of other people

Gabil Rzayev sent false materials Migration Service of Germany about a famous Azerbaijani journalist Yegana Amiraslanov, who lives in Germany

One of these facts

In addition, People in criminal past and who did not participate ever in the socio-political life of Azerbaijan, now live in Germany as refugees camp , publishes many insulting and false information about shefredaktora EAN.
According to IP addresses, all of these people directly in contact with Gabil Rzayev and Riyadh Aliyev,
for computer data, most IP addresses shows terretori  Germany

According to a source has Mainz  police department in Germany alredy received a complaint about Riyadh Aliyev from other azerbaycan person name is Hasan Agazade

IP von Telefonnummer ist +49 151 75293363

+46 15776556249 Rizvan Bahramoglu refuge


We have already sent this special statement to the German authorities, the administration of social network facebook, and the authorities of other EU countries.

More than 27 fake sites sent cyber police

facebook sites which coincides with the IP Address Riyadh Aliyev and all Fake profiles had  contact with Gabil Rzayev.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has proposed to simplify the deportation of immigrants who have committed crimes in Germany

We hope the German authorities and Switzerland will carefully check all information and strict measures will be adopted

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